Gala 2023

Signature Shots

Embark on a journey through the spotlight with our curated selection of captivating moments from R.D.V.I.C’s unforgettable 50th anniversary celebration. Each impeccably captured photograph invites you to relive the essence and vibrancy of the night, from candid jubilations to mesmerizing details.



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Need help?

If you’re having trouble finding, viewing, or downloading your pictures please reach out via email to brianshrout@uselesswisdom.com.

Meet the Photographers

Meet the individuals who took pictures at this event. Feel free to reach out for additional work or if you have any trouble finding or downloading your images.

Brian Shrout

Content Production, Design

A multidisciplinary designer with a focus on web, video, marketing.

Stevie Scroggs


A well rounded content engineer who uses her skills and experience to advocate for those in need.