Blue Mountain K9

Dog Obedience & Protection Training, Boarding, Daycare


Blue Mountain K9, formerly Blue Line K9, is a Dog Obedience and Protection training company that works with a wide variety of clients such as individuals, businesses, and the local police. Along with training, Blue Mountain K9 also offers long stay boarding and daycare.

This project was created as an asset to pitch Blue Mountain K9 on the idea of refreshing their online presence.

The following concept sample was created for a mock-up to further visualize and improve the clarity of the pitch. The company pitch was offering website design and maintenance services as well as enhancing Blue Mountain K9’s current online presence.  






PDF Mock-up

Live Demo Site

Current Blue Mountain K9 Website

This is the present-day Blue Line K9 website. They run local google ads pointing at booking an appointment through this site which isn’t very user-friendly or intuitive. Hence my concerns when pitching the new mock-up.

Mock-up Refresh Offered

After pitching this transformation and soothing their reservations, they didn’t go through with the contract.

They were concerned with their current restraints in the form of staffing. They only have 1 dog trainer certified to service individuals alone and wouldn’t have the ability to take on more clientele.